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What are the reviews of the customers after using beauty services at Kanebo Skincare - beauty salon 95122

This salon is an East-side San Jose institution, and I don’t know what I would do if they ever closed. The prices have gone up a little over the years, but to pay $80 for a full service facial, including extractions and massage, is an amazing deal. These women are meticulous in their work and so nice. Some might have heavier hands than others when it comes to extractions, but they get the job done, and my skin always looks amazing the day after a treatment. They have a package deal, where you pay $400 for 6 facials, meaning you only pay about $67 for each facial treatment!

Anyway, I’ve been going here for years and want to show them love, especially with how hard things have been with COVID. Would recommend this place to anyone who wants a quality salon facial."

(5/5 stars - Alyson Sagala)

" Great place for facials! I always leave feeling so clean and amazing! These ladies really know what they're doing! They're professional, explain what they're going to do before doing it, take their time, and are gentle. They also give a really good head and neck massage with the facial. Love coming here!"

(5/5 stars - Sarah Salman)

" I have been going to Kanebo skin care for many years now . My permanent make up never change or never got touch since then. My facial treatment looks glowing day by day , a Hollywood glow and everyone suprice when I met my friends. The price is affordable including their products. Both quality and the place are clean . The associates are helpful and answer all questions ask prior the treatment. I refer all my Golden Ladies and they are all happy and satisfied. Good job Yen for all service rendered and I am satisfied."

(5/5 stars - Florence Pena)

This place is great. Owner is very nice and friend and helpful. Reasonable price. Tracy is one of their best employee and she cleans my face great!"

(5/5 stars - Alicia Jones)

" First time getting my legs waxed here and loved the experience. They were very gentle and sweet. The result looked amazing and my legs felt so smooth. I highly recommend it!"

(5/5 stars - Ella Stein)

In A Nutshell:

-The closest thing to getting a facial in Vietnam is Kanebo Skincare. The only difference is the price (which is now $60, from $50 vs. Vietnam around $10-15 USD).
-The place is fairly small, but it's okay. They have great service and they are very on-time w/ their appointments.
-I've been coming here for the past year or so and I feel like they improved the steps.
-Since you have your eyes closed the entire time, it's hard to keep up with all the steps, but I really love the suction, the cold mask they put on you and all those face massages in between.


Overall, if you want a healthy, shiny face then come over to Kanebo and the fantastic ladies will "squeeze" you in!"

(5/5 stars - Dude)

So many customers choose our beauty service  95122, so don't hesitate and come to my beauty salon - Kanebo Skincare