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Kanebo Skincare - Top 1 beauty salon - Permanent Make-Up 95122 - Facial San Jose, CA 95122 : Long to wake up in the morning and shave a few minutes off your routine? Permanent makeup may be a solution. But what are the risks, and is it right for you?

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The Risks of Permanent Makeup

Like other types of tattoos, permanent makeup can come with health risks and side effects:

Pain. Getting any tattoo can cause some discomfort. The level of pain you feel depends on a number of factors, including the thinness of the area of skin being tattooed. However, your tattoo provider may lightly numb the skin before the procedure.

Swelling, tenderness and bruising. Short-term side effects of permanent makeup may include swelling, tenderness, and occasional bruising. However, certain areas of the face are more prone to side effects than others. For example, permanent eyebrows have few side effects, while permanent eyeliner and lip liner may cause moderate swelling and occasional bruising.

As a general rule, the more work you have the greater chance of side effects. For example, full lip color is more invasive than lining your lips. No matter what kind of permanent makeup you get, expect some tenderness for a few days.

Infection. While some side effects are location specific, other risks stem from the tattooing itself. For example, all permanent tattooing carries some risk of infection. If your tattoo professional uses equipment or needles that are not properly sterilized or uses contaminated ink, you could be at risk for infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, skin infections, and even HIV.

Allergic reaction. Although rare, some people have experienced allergic reactions to certain tattoo ink pigments. The symptoms of an allergic reaction may include an itchy rash and swelling.

Disappointment. Tattooing anything permanent on your face is somewhat risky. Trends change—so can facial color and firmness. And these changes may cause dissatisfaction with your permanent makeup down the line. Errors your tattoo professional makes will be quite visible. Permanent makeup costs between $400 and $800, and removing it is both difficult and costly.

It’s important to think through all the risks as well as the benefits before opting for permanent makeup.

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