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Kanebo Skincare - Treat Blackheads with Egg White - beauty salon 95122

We never tire of fighting blackheads. Here’s a potion that will help in removing them, deep cleansing and tightening your skin and controlling oiliness.
Oh! and did we mention that all you need is an egg white and some tissue?

Let’s get started:


1. Take the white of an egg in a bowl and beat it lightly. Apply it all over your face and neck.
2. Cut out holes for your eyes, nostrils and mouth in the tissue paper and place it gently on the face.
3. Apply another layer of the egg white on the tissue paper. Let it dry. And no talking.
4. When it’s dry, peel off the tissue in an upward direction. Voila! Blackhead free.

How much does Facial Treatment cost?

Dermalogica Oily & Dry Skin$80 
Power Bright Skin Treatment$80 
Teen Acne Treatment$80 
AGE Smast Skin Aging Treatment$80 
Sensitive Skin Treatment$80 
Acne Treatment$90 
Exfoliant Facial$70 
Power Exfoliant & Full Facial$120 
Diamond Microdermabrasion$70 
Diamond Micro & Full Facial$120 
Ion Active Treatment$80